• Menstual Cycles - Please use a tampon if you are on your period whtn floating (like what you would do when at a swimming pool). If you don't have one, you can find supplies in the brown wood cabinet in the bathroom.



  • Vaginal Stinging - Some women may experience vatinal burning during floating. This mostly can occur in pre-puberty for girls and post-menopause for women. However, it can affect any woman at any age. If this happens to you, we recommend quickly leaving the float room to shower off to stop the stinging, dry, and then apply a very generous amount of A&D ointment provided in your room. Then, you can resume your float without any issues. The industry has tried to come up with a correlation to predict who this will affect, but it varies.  We want you to be aware and prepared in case you are in the minority that this happens to.




  • Colored or tinted hair - Please do not float if you have recently colored your hair and it is still bleeding (color running or coming off on a towel after washing). You can check your towel after shampooing to ensure it is not running. If it is, you cannot proceed with your float. Reds, jet blacks, and bright colors (blues, piks, etc.) tend to be the worst and can bleed for more than a month. If you choose to float and your hair is bleeding, it may result in a $1500.00 cleaning fee for us to drain and clean our float room.



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